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The Best Teeth Whitening in Melbourne CBD

Teeth Whitening

Collins Dental Image are your local experts for Teeth Whitening in the Melbourne CBD. They have been helping people improve the glow of their smile for over 50 years. You can be assured you are dealing with the best Melbourne CBD dentists for teeth whitening services.

Choose from an appointment in our dental clinic, or alternately you can purchase a home whitening kit with comprehensive instructions for DIY whitening.

Not all teeth are the same. Collins Dental Image will assess your teeth and formulate the best treatment for achieving optimal results.

Get a whiter smile now! Call us for an appointment. 


Aside from the obvious reason that it makes our teeth whiter and brighter, teeth whitening isn’t always just requested by younger patients who want a Hollywood smile. In fact, as we age, our teeth darken, often due to smoking and because of the things we may choose to eat or drink. Over time, our smiles literally start to fade.

Teeth whitening is an ideal way to polish your smile and get it back its best for very little effort. Even years of brilliant brushing can’t combat the natural wear and tear that our teeth experience.


We offer our patients the choice of getting their teeth whitened in one quick appointment at the clinic or you can take a professional whitening kit home to do it yourself.

In the clinic: If you want our team to whiten your teeth in-house, then we’ll use professional bleaching, which is the most effective method. You can simply walk away after a single appointment with whiter teeth!

At home: If you want our take-away kit, you can whiten your teeth using special trays which are filled with whitening gel and placed in your mouth like gum-shields. This process, once started, will have to be continued regularly over a few weeks to achieve the desired results. Our team will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have when you pick up your kit.

Teeth Whitening
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