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Children & Teens

More ‘home’, less ‘hospital’

Being a father himself; practice owner and dental practitioner, Dr Ian Fishman wanted to create a safe, welcoming and relaxing environment for children that mimicked the feeling of home as opposed to hospital.

The Collins Dental Image experience is tailored to ensure your child’s visit is as relaxing as possible; from our friendly front of house staff to our dental practitioners who are just as talented at putting the concerns of young minds to rest as they are dentistry.

A lifetime of happiness and wellbeing is perhaps the single greatest gift we can bestow upon our children.

A healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy body.
At Collins Dental Image we believe in instilling the oral hygiene habits that prevent the cause of so much worry and hassle down the track.

Correct brushing and flossing practices are a fundamental part of maintaining excellent oral hygiene and we pride ourselves for being not just premium dental solution providers, but first and foremost; premium dental prevention providers.

Do it
right, do
it once…

Be it braces, a general checkup, a filling or emergency dental; our motto at Collins Dental Image is ‘do it right, do it once’.

We commit to only using the best materials and taking the time to ensure the job is done correctly (rather than rushing to fulfil a daily quota). The end result is long lasting dental work of the highest quality and ultimately; less visits to the dentist (a benefit not lost on our youngest patients…)

Children & Teens