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Expert Cosmetic Dentistry in the Melbourne CBD

Cosmetic Dentistry

When you're looking for cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne CBD, you need to contact the expert team of dentists at Collins Dental Image.

At our modern dental practice, you can enjoy a full range of advanced dental treatments, including our expert cosmetic dentistry options.

Having a great smile will enhance your appearance. Some people find that having a smile that is less than perfect can affect your confidence. Often when you think your teeth are not looking great, you may not want to smile. This gives other people the wrong impression about how you’re feeling. Having properly aligned, perfectly white teeth give other people the impression you have good grooming and are in good health. Collins Dental Image have the knowledge and expertise to transform your smile and give you renewed confidence in your appearance.

To discuss any of the cosmetic treatments listed below, please come in for a consultation and we'll explain in great detail what the process is involved in the treatment of your choice.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

•  Teeth whitening:  A popular and simple form of treatment, whitening is an easy way to get a dazzling smile by brightening the natural shade of your teeth.  Both in-house or take-home versions are available.

•  Veneers:  Veneers can be used as a way to mask dental imperfections.  They are either thinly sliced porcelain fitting over the top of the existing teeth to create cleaner lines and a smoother smile, or they can be made out of composite resin.

•  Crowns:  Great for broken or damaged teeth.

•  Tooth-coloured fillings:  Long gone are the days of silver and gold fillings.  Today our patients have the choice of tooth coloured fillings which blend in perfectly with the rest of your tooth and also help to improve their strength.

•  Porcelain inlays:  For teeth that have larger fillings, porcelain inlays are an aesthetic way to fill the tooth and return the lost strength.  

•  Dental bridges:  If you have missing teeth, a bridge is an ideal way to fill the space, particularly if the teeth on either side need to be crowned.  These teeth on either side of the gap will be used to support a false tooth to create a seamless smile.

•  Dental Implants:  For patients with missing teeth, dental implants are a very reliable form of replacement leaving the adjacent teeth to function independently.  Titanium implants are inserted into the jaw bone before attaching a false tooth, in affect, the implant takes the place of the tooth root and supports the new tooth.

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