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New Patients at Collins Dental Image

Welcome to Collins Dental Image. We aim to make your new patient visit as pleasant and seamless as possible. Because we value your time, we’ll make sure you’re seen on time.

First, you will likely meet with the client experience manager or treatment coordinator to ensure you have a point of contact to answer any questions you have.

The First Consult-What to Expect

If you’re coming in as a new patient for an examination, you will be listened to attentively, and we will make sure that we address any concerns, and fulfill your particular aims or goals. We take a comprehensive set of records that we will study carefully.

We’ll also look at the structural integrity of your teeth and your level of oral health, and identify any issues that may intervene with the goal of keeping your teeth for life, not just in the same state.

If there are issues we identify, we will compile all realistic options for treatment, properly documented and explained for you to review and then have you come back for a complimentary follow-up visit to discuss them, so you can make informed choices about your care.
Reviewing dental options

Discussing Your Options

We don’t hurry through discussing your options for care. Just like an architect doesn’t give you a house plan straightway, we need to look at what are the viable options to help you achieve your oral health and smile goals, based on what you tell us you want, because we truly listen. You can be confident that we will work to help you choose a treatment option that suits your needs.

Should you need a thorough cleaning to bring things back to health, that will occur in a separate appointment, customised to your needs.

Your Subsequent Consult

The length of this second customised consult depends on your needs. Having seen your mouth and spoken to you, and finding out what you want by listening to you, will determine the complexity or length of the discussion. We can link this consultation to your visit with the hygienist for a cleaning, so you don’t need to make multiple visits to the practice.

Our ‘DDD’ On-Time Guarantee

We value your time. That’s why we offer a Dental Delay Discount™ as an on-time guarantee. We put a lot of effort to ensure we run on time because we care about you, not just your teeth. We allow sufficient time for each appointment to provide quality treatment with no rushing. We don’t overbook, as we appreciate and respect your time.

On the rare occasion, we may run late for an appointment, we will call or message you in advance. If we don’t notify you that we’re running late and your appointment is delayed by 15 minutes, we will deduct 15% from that appointment’s invoice. Proportionately, if your appointment is delayed by 20 minutes, we deduct 20% of your bill – and so on.

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