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Meet Dr Leo Goh

Dr. Leo GohDr Leo Goh graduated from Melbourne University in 2008 and has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopaedics through the City of London Dental School under the guidance of world-renowned orthodontist and Dr Goh’s mentor, Dr Derek Mahony. Dr Goh is a fellow of the International Academy for Dental-Facial Esthetics. He has also completed his Postgraduate Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine and is in the process of gaining Fellowship in Dental Sleep Medicine. In 2022, Dr Goh was inducted as a Fellow into the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the International Academy for Dental-Facial Aesthetics in recognition of his contribution and outstanding leadership in the profession, internationally.

Dr Goh’s interests and passion lie in practising holistic dentistry by addressing the cause of dentofacial and teeth misalignment and not just treating the symptoms.

With his expertise in early detection and the use of the latest research-based technology, many problems can be arrested or reversed during their early and even later stages. Dr Goh uses removable, fixed, and myofunctional appliances combined with braces or Invisalign clear aligners to create healthy, functional and beautiful smiles.


Managing Issues

Dr Goh helps patients successfully manage complex issues relating to:

  • Dentofacial aesthetics
  • Non-extraction orthodontics
  • Growth guiding, early Interceptive orthodontics
  • Non-surgical upper jaw expansions in non-growing individuals, which traditionally require surgery
  • Airway focused orthodontics
  • Teeth/jaw/skeletal misalignment
  • TMD/TMJ disorders
  • Headaches, orofacial pain
  • Sleep disorders

Outside the Office

Outside of Dentistry, he enjoys Bodyweight workouts such as Calisthenics and spending time with his wife, son and fur babies.

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Dr Leo Goh | (03) 9650 6622