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Orthodontics in Melbourne CBD

If you’ve ever wanted to unlock a gorgeous, straight smile, now is the perfect time to do so. At our practice, we’re pleased to offer custom orthodontic treatment to patients wishing for a stunning smile.

Sometimes, the best way to achieve an enhanced smile is with braces, a traditional method of straightening teeth. Braces are an excellent option for people with complex bite issues or for children requiring orthodontic care and they can be metal or less visible ceramic braces.

At Collins Dental Image, we offer a holistic approach to orthodontic care, with the goal of retaining teeth and working with the patient’s growth patterns to achieve the best possible results.

Woman with braces

What Are the Benefits of Braces?

Braces are not simply a cosmetic solution for crooked teeth. Many times, overcrowded or misaligned teeth are related to airway issues. By helping guide jaw bone growth, braces facilitate improved function and set the stage for better dental health and better general health for life.

What to Expect

The best age to assess children for orthodontic treatment is between seven and nine. By evaluating children at this age, we can predict the ideal time to begin any necessary treatment. We favour a non-extraction, holistic orthodontic approach. After a consultation and assessments, we will explain your various treatment options.

Why Choose Collins Dental Image for Braces?

Every tooth is important and contributes to supporting your face. We strive to avoid extractions whenever possible. Instead, we work with the child’s jaw bone and facial growth patterns to ensure the best outcomes possible.

This holistic approach extends to identifying breathing and airway issues, and collaborating on care with appropriate medical specialists. We strive to improve your child’s overall health, as well as their oral health.


Do braces hurt?

Braces can feel uncomfortable or tight for a day or two after changing the wires.

Are there options besides metal?

Yes, we offer ceramic brackets, which are less noticeable because they are tooth-coloured. The wires are still metal, however.

How long does treatment take?

This varies by individual, but typical treatment lasts 18-24 months.

How do I clean my braces?

We provide thorough oral hygiene instruction and regular visits with our hygiene team. We’ll always make sure you feel confident and competent when it comes to caring for your orthodontic appliances.

Book Your Appointment Today

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn if orthodontics are right for your smile needs.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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