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Extractions in Melbourne CBD

Well-maintained teeth rarely require extraction, and it’s better to preserve your original tooth whenever possible, as man-made solutions will never be as good as what nature provides. At Collins Dental Image, we provide gentle extractions only when absolutely necessary, such as in the case of a split tooth, heavily traumatised tooth, or infected wisdom tooth.

extracted wisdom tooth

What Are the Benefits?

Our team of experienced dentists is careful to minimise trauma to the surrounding bone, gums, and teeth. By preserving the bone and structures of your mouth, we are less likely to weaken the foundation of the adjacent teeth and increase the chances of a successful placement of a dental implant.

What to Expect

Most extractions can be completed at our practice, including wisdom teeth. We start by taking X-rays to determine whether we can save your tooth. A 3D scan is sometimes necessary to evaluate potential complexities associated with wisdom tooth removal.

Having a clear view of the anatomy of the tooth and all surrounding structures gives us a better idea of the difficulty of the extraction. In some cases, we may need to refer you to a specialist or surgeon.


Will it hurt?

We never perform an extraction unless we are confident we can do it comfortably with local anaesthesia. If we feel there’s any possibility of pain, we’ll refer you for general anaesthesia.

Will I be able to eat afterwards?

We recommend you avoid eating or drinking for a few hours to prevent additional bleeding. You should only eat soft foods for the next 24-48 hours and avoid alcohol, smoking or vaping and vigorous activity for two days.

Will I be able to drive after the procedure?

While it’s best not to drive immediately after treatment, the regular medications we use don’t interfere with your ability to drive. We’ll inform you at your initial consultation if we recommend a more specific prescription medication that makes you unable to drive for a day.

Invest in Your Oral Health Now

Your long-term dental health is our top priority at Collins Dental Image. Schedule an appointment now so we can nip dental issues in the bud.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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