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Deep Teeth Cleaning With Invisalign: What You Need to Know

young-woman-having-teeth-cleaned-sqInvesting in Invisalign treatment signifies your commitment to a healthier and more confident smile. This clear aligner treatment uses virtually invisible aligners to discreetly and gradually straighten your teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene during Invisalign treatment is vital to prevent cavities, gum disease and other dental issues.

Regular professional dental cleanings, such as deep teeth cleaning, if indicated by your gum condition, are essential to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy throughout your treatment. Realigning teeth to straighten them, can exacerbate any pre-existing gum disease and may make the teeth more susceptible to gum disease until they reach their final position at the end of treatment.

What Is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Deep teeth cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, eradicates plaque, tartar and bacteria hidden beneath the gum line. This procedure not only treats active gum disease, but also prevents further deterioration. Your oral health has a significant influence on the long term effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment. It’s vital to understand that oral hygiene and your clear aligner treatment go hand in hand.

Can I Get a Deep Cleaning During Treatment?

A common query among Invisalign users concerns the feasibility of deep cleaning during treatment. Rest assured, it’s absolutely possible and generally safe. However, successful outcomes hinge on crucial considerations.

Important aspects to be mindful of include clear communication with our dental team about your Invisalign treatment plan. This will allow the hygienist/oral health therapist to take special care around any attachments or buttons that might be on your teeth as part of the Invisalign treatment. During your deep cleaning appointment, you’ll also remove your aligners. Doing so ensures that the hygienist/oral health therapist has full access to your teeth and gums. The aligners can easily be removed and reinserted after the procedure, as you do at home.

Additionally, it’s imperative to always follow the instructions given by your dental care team to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Advantages of Complementing Invisalign With Deep Cleaning

Having healthy gums is essential to the long term success of Invisalign treatment. Deep cleaning helps reduce the risk of gum disease, ensuring your aligners fit perfectly and the health of the supporting bone is maintained. This helps to deliver effective treatment results and enhance oral hygiene and dental wellness.

The Power of Preventative Care

As pioneers in establishing our OHT/hygienist-led preventative care program in Melbourne CBD, we have an unwavering commitment to helping patients achieve optimal oral health. Backed by more than three decades of delivering proactive preventative dentistry, we understand the long-term strategies contributing to better overall health, setting us apart in the field.

Deep teeth cleaning during Invisalign treatment is not only possible but also beneficial for your oral health and treatment outcomes. Consult your dentist for tailored advice and recommendations based on your individual needs.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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